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Introducing Our New Look on Amazon 0

If you love to buy on Amazon, and who doesn't, checkout our new customized design to see our curated collection of Procizion products.


Same great products and service but with a new look now available just in time for the Holiday season. 

Let us know what you think!


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Procizion French Press Coffee Maker has achieved a rank of #5 from ezvid 0

Hooray! We're excited to learn that the Procizion French Press Coffee Maker has achieved a rank of #5 in ezvid wiki of 2016's best 5-cup coffee makers. Compiled with twenty hours of research, this video wiki guide, newly published in their food & drink category, is a broad-ranging, impartial assessment of 5-cup coffee maker options available to consumers in the United States. You can view the video wiki here or watch the video below here:

Some background: Founded in 2011, Ezvid Wiki was the world's first video wiki, and is now among the top 4,000 websites in the United States. Their YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers, and they have informed over $85 million in purchasing decisions to date.

In addition, our pour over coffee filter cone is featured over at

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How to Use a French Press for the Perfect Pot of Tea with Master David Dorian Ross 0

David Dorian Ross has got the perfect solution for making the perfect pot of tea - with no tea leaves in your teeth. Watch this detail, yet entertaining video to learn how.


  • Kimberly T

Measuring ingredients with a digital food scale by SUGARCODER 0

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Compact and Clever Coffee Maker 0


The Procizion Dripper Coffee experience is like no other coffee experience because of its convenient and clean pour. The full-immersion gives you more flavor as well as additional control over the blend of ground coffee and water, allowing a completely customizable cup of French Press Style Coffee that you can build to your specific tastes.

Infographic provided by Replacement Parts.

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Making Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press By Michael Allen Smith

Making Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press By Michael Allen Smith 0

Here on INeedCoffee we have several coffee brewing tutorials for making cold brew coffee. You can buy a Primula, a Toddy or a cold brew filter pouch. Or maybe you don’t need a dedicated coffee brewer at all. That is what we decided to find out. We wanted to re-purpose one of our existing brewers to make cold brew coffee. The perfect choice was the French Press. Read the entire article here...

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