Top 8 Hacks to Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Compatible Clarisonic Brush Heads


Here are some tips and tricks to use to get the most out of your Procizion compatible brush heads with your Clarisonic cleansing system.

1 Make sure that you’re using enough facial cleanser with your Procizion brush head. There is a well in the center of your device that should be filled with cleanser before you use it each time (about a quarter-sized amount). Then, you can adjust accordingly for your preferred skin type.

2 Too much exfoliation is not good a good thing, use a facial cleanser without micro-beads or any rough particles. Too much exfoliation can damage your skin.

3 Be certain that you add enough water to completely soak your Procizion brush before you start your routine (kind of like your toothbrush). The mixture of water and cleanser will best ensure that you get ultimate pore-cleaning action creating the best results.

4 DO NOT SHARE YOUR BRUSH HEAD! Just like you shouldn’t be sharing make up brushes, you shouldn’t be sharing your facial brush head system either. Transferring all sorts of genetic material from one person to another is never a good skin care practice. But if it's already done, we recommend you soak your brush head in rubbing alcohol for a few seconds to clear out anything and everything on your bush head.

5 Some people experience an acne breakout when they first start using a facial cleansing system but don't worry it happens. Acne is a potential side effect for first-time users, the stimulation of the skin can cause bacteria and other gunk to rise to the surface in the form of a pimple. Simply scale back your usage to once a day, but keep with it! Things should clear up after about two weeks of continual use.

6 To clean your brush heads, we recommend the usage of shampoo to keep the bristles clear of residue and oil after every use.

7 Maintenance is very important, at least once a month you should remove the brush head from the unit and clean underneath it thoroughly. Don’t let any gunk or product build up under the brush head or anywhere on the device.

8 Replace the brushes. Just like a hair brush or make up brush, your Procizion brush head will need to be replaced when it shows wear generally every few months. Over time the bristles will begin to clump together, so a replacement is required for absolute efficiency

Following the above 8 "golden rules" will improve your skin as you use your Clarisonic cleansing system. Don't forget, you can safely use the facial cleansing system on your neck and your décolletage. Just be gentle. 

Note: Our brush heads arrive in poly bubble mailers so they will always arrive safely and securely. 


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