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Hot Italian Cocoa Cookies by Linda Watson

Hot Italian Cocoa Cookies by Linda Watson 0

The Procizion scale used to make Hot Italian Cocoa Cookies on set at WNCN. These tender cocoa cookies taste like a Ferrari but are as healthy as a Honda. Vroom, cookie, vroom! Hot Italian Cocoa Cookies use olive oil instead of butter and ground flaxseed instead of eggs. Their sexy smoky tingle comes from ground chipotle powder. How good are they? Watch Valonda Calloway's reaction when she tries them on My Carolina Today. WNCN: News, Weather for Raleigh. Durham, Fayetteville

  • Stephanie W
Procizion Digital Kitchen Scale Review by Josh Haskell

Procizion Digital Kitchen Scale Review by Josh Haskell 0

  • Stephanie W
Procizion review from a certified guest chef on Amazon

Procizion review from a certified guest chef on Amazon 0

Chef Cutting is a certified guest chef on Amazon and on this video review, he covers the Procizion digital kitchen scale.


  • Stephanie W
McDonald's-only Diet

McDonald's-only Diet 0

Have you heard of the Science teacher that goes on McDonald's-only diet to prove it's not where you eat, but what you eat that matters? He lost 37 pounds and his cholesterol level dropped from 249 to 170 by eating exclusively at McDonald's for 90 days. He ate everything: from Big Macs to salads to sundaes to shakes to quarter pounders. The key is he ate 2,000 calories per day and exercised.

You can use a food scale to measure the amount of calories in your food. The best one in the market today is the Procizion Scale PRO8006 on Amazon. Don't wait and start living healthy today.

  • Kimberly T
Why you need a digital kitchen scale

Why you need a digital kitchen scale 0

You would be hard pressed to find a recipe that calls for a “teaspoon” of bread; or a milliliter of raw coconut. Solid ingredients are much harder to measure than liquids, no question there and I clarified this science further with my digital kitchen scale. My Sister-in law gave it to me after buying a new-slimmer model – that wasn’t all that costly for a bag sized- easy to carry everywhere digital food scale. I was thrilled to get her old one; it was a mini-modified version of scales you see in supermarkets - a triad of chains held a silver substance bowl – a set of 3; small, medium and large. Cleans up easy and fits neatly, in my kitchen cabinet. Instead of a clock-face with arrows – it’s a numeric display screen at the top of the unit - Metric is the default display, but you can switch to imperial if you prefer to see lbs – like my Mom does!

When I got the digital kitchen scale, I was in the process of teaching my then 8 yr. old daughter how to make peanut butter - brown sugar cookies from scratch! She loved to stick peanut butter and brown sugar in regular measuring cups, but loading it onto the silver scale bowls was way cooler. She soon learned how to work the digital display settings, from bright to low light and switching liters into gallons!

It can reveal the “sciences” of substance & matter form – like mine did!

We noted the 1st cup of brown sugar at 190 grams. It was very clumpy and sat uneven in the scale bowl. The next cup of brown sugar was more smooth and drier then the last and sat more evenly in the scale bowl – weighed 145 grams? Similar amounts in a measuring cup, were different using a digital kitchen scale – more solidified forms weighed more compared to semi- softer-drier versions of same material - make sense to you? Works for me, but I’m still on a learning curve and a far cry from peak point!

All the same, where does the 45 gram difference go? Simple evaporation, or off in space exploration - maybe it hangs in sub-atomic particles? I have no solid answers!

The digital kitchen scale is pin-point accurate with liquid measures – to the litre, but solid mass wavers by matter of format. This, I believe, is what my digital kitchen scale taught me. Maybe I’m doing something wrong - or doing something right, but don’t know it yet? That’s my personal equation, but then again math is not my forte!

~ Epilogue ~ the digital kitchen scale make a significant impact towards having a more consistent taste pattern in every batch of cookies. Before the digital kitchen scale, the cookies were highly flexible and at times, volatile in taste results - especially when my daughter mixes - they turn out too sweet or not at all. The digital kitchen scale removes guesswork and displays the precise amount needed for perfect batches - every time!  

  • Kimberly T
How a food scale can help you lose weight

How a food scale can help you lose weight 0

At the slim age of 23, in the late 70’s I went to a Weight-Watchers presentation with a few of my best office pals for 2 reasons;

Reason # 1 - It was held during lunch hours in the big fancy executive conference hall on floor 52 – the observation level of the bank tower I worked in – the free low-fact snacks and drinks they served was.

Reason # 2 - Most of my friends were older than me by 5 years or so and 2 of them were new mothers seeking ways to lose the last stubborn, 15 to 25 lbs of post-pregnancy flab off their tummy and hips.

Before the hour long show started, came the telling part. We were asked to fill out a 3 page questionnaire that asked our name, age, height, weight, food preferences and personal eating habits, plus a few questions on what we perceived as average portion sizes compared to a good size portion - so forth and so on. When done - we placed them in alphabetized boxes to match up with the 1st letter of surname.

At the end of the hour long show came the expose – about 48 survey forms in that hour were reviewed by 1 in a 4 person panel made up of busy beaver weight loss experts and dietitians’ who did brief analysis and wrote commentary on each form and filed them back in the same box for pick up on your way out. Mine was one of the very few marked as - no need for weight loss program at this time, but come back to see us in your 30’s! The others were less humorous and listed appropriate programs and all 4 diet gurus highly suggested buying a food scale to learn portion control. Contrary to prior beliefs, using your palm to measure portion is dubious and can vary between palm sizes and personal conjectures.

Scale cost and weighing efforts – pays back in fewer pounds and dollar gains!

One of the 2 new mothers purchased a food scale - the latest 1979 model, a small awkward square-shaped metal unit, with detachable measure tray that is placed on a sensor platform to trigger a gold-tone-mono-chrome display at the bottom. She spent only $10 dollars and it cost her 30 lbs in 3 months, she ate much of the same foods as before her diet program, but at modest prices of measure! She ate 6 small well portioned meals and 3 snacks per day, so she never really felt hungry!

Another office pal later purchased a food scale mid-way through her 8 month long engagement when Wedding plan stress made her binge eat and gain18 lbs between her initial dress fitting and a 2nd fitting 6 weeks later. The seamstress had to let out a full inch at the waist and the tight-pinching cap sleeves. At a 3rd almost final fit – 5 weeks later, she was down by 11 lbs and counting. This time the seamstress tucked in ¾ of an inch - ultimately she looked slim & trim on camera and off when the big day came!

  • Kimberly T