Stainless Steel Set of 3 Fine Mesh Strainer All Purpose Extra Deep Colander Sieve for Superior Baking and Cooking Preparation (3 Pack Deep)

$12.97 $21.80
Looking for Super Sturdy Extra Deep Stainless Steel Strainers?

Look no further! This is an essential tool for any kitchen. This strainer has a fine-grid mesh for draining the excess liquid from just about any food, including fruits, vegetables, grains, flour, pasta, lumpy sauce and more. By sifting your ingredients, you remove all matter of impurity and undesirable bits from your preparation in addition to adding air for a fluffy, most delicious result. The wide stainless- steel brim and loop make it easy for the strainer to rest on almost any bowl or pot, and the double-rod construction makes it extra sturdy. The concave net catches food items securely while releasing water, oil and other residue. And it comes with a hanging loop for convenient storage.

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