Compatible Clarisonic Brush Heads FAQ

After several uses, the heads of facial brushes begin to wear down and need to be replaced. Worn out brush heads are rougher on skin, and less effective at cleaning out pores. The replaceable brush heads for Clarisonic brushes are compatible with a number of different models, and can be easily added to an existing brush to provide a better cleansing experience. These brush heads have extra plush bristles and leave users with softer, healthier skin.

A few common questions buyers have asked about Clarisonic Brush Heads include:

Q. Are they comparable to the original brush heads?

A. Users have found no difference between the original and the replacement in terms of quality or performance.

Q. Does this brush head vibrate like the original?

A. The replacement brush heads perform exactly the same as the originals. They vibrate at the same speed and intensity, and you should notice no difference in their operation.

Q. What models can I use it with?

A. These brush heads are compatible with Clarisonic Mia, Mia 2, Aria, Pro, and Plus cleansing brushes.

Q. Does the brush head spin like the original?

A. They actually oscillate so it may appear as it's spinning. The center of the brush head spins while the outer ring stays stationary, just like the original brush head.

Q. Does it provide deep cleaning of the pores?

A. Yes, these replacement brush heads have extra plush bristles that allow them to clean more thoroughly and deeper in the pores of your skin. You will have fewer problems with oils on your face and breakouts when you replace your old, worn out brush head with a new one.

Q. Where else can I purchase these brush heads?

A. You can purchase these compatible Clarisonic brush heads here or on Amazon here.