Electric Gooseneck Kettle FAQ

As with most jobs, using the right tool makes the task at hand easier and elevates the outcome. Brewing a good cup of coffee with an electric gooseneck kettle and a pour-over coffee filter give you control and precise water flow that is optimal for extracting the most flavor out of your coffee beans or tea. You will pour like a professional, effortlessly.

Q. How do I use the kettle?

A. Fill in your kettle with water (don't over fill pass marked line inside the kettle), place kettle on 360° swivel base and press the latch down. The light will turn on and once it reaches approximately 212° F (this will depend on your altitude), the latch will pop back up and the light will turn off to let you know the water is ready.

Q. How fast does it boil 1 liter of water?

A. The boil time depends on various factors but will boil 1 liter at room temperature in about 2 minutes.

Q. Does the base keep the water hot continuously?

A. No it does not. The kettle features an automatic shut off feature as a safety.  To reboil, simply press the latch down.

Q. How long is the cord and does it retract?

A. The cord is 36" cord and conveniently retracts in base when kettle is not in use.