French Press FAQ

While many people are hooked on instant coffee made with the press of a button, the French Press coffee maker still has an avid following. Some people claim that certain coffees taste better when made in a French Press, and the ease of cleaning a French Press adds to its popularity. The following are some common questions about the Procizion French press product:

Q. What makes this French Press better than others?

A. The triple screens used to filter the coffee keep all of the coffee grounds out of the drink, no matter how small. The three screens are very fine and result in a better tasting cup of coffee without any grounds.

Q. How do I get new screens?

A. This product comes with three extra screens included in the package. If more are needed, customers can purchase additional sets here or on Amazon.

Q. Where can I download the instructions on how to use this French press?

A. You can download the Procizion French Press Instruction Booklet here.

Q. Can I heat my coffee in the French Press?

A. The glass jar is not made to withstand direct heat. Instead, heat the water separately on the stove or in a microwave and pour it into the French Press with the coffee grounds. Do not use boiling water, however, as it could cause the glass to crack.

Q. How often do I need to replace the screens?

A. The screens are made of stainless steel, and will last for 2 years or more if properly maintained and cleaned. If you notice rust in the screens or any kind of mold or growth that you are unable to get rid of, replace them and be sure to clean the new screens regularly.

Q. How do I clean the French Press?

A. Because it is little more than a jar, a plunger, a top, and some springs and screens, cleaning a French Press is not difficult. Simply separate it into its component parts and wash them with warm soapy water. Let them air dry or dry them with a towel, and put the press back together.

Q. Where I can get new filters for my French press?

A. You can purchase them on or right here on Procizion