Mesh Strainers FAQ

Colanders and strainers are used primarily when straining pasta, but they can also be useful when straining excess water off of any food, or when sifting dry ingredients. While stereotypical colanders are large and designed to fit inside of a pot, mesh strainers are smaller, easier to handle, and easier to clean. The Procizion mes strainers set is set of 5 different sized mesh strainers that is perfect for almost any cooking need you might have. Here are some of the common questions about mesh strainers:

Q. Are the edges sealed?
A. A common problem for old or low quality strainers is grains of rice, quinoa, or other small pasta type foods getting stuck in the seal between the mesh and the edges of the strainer. These mesh strainers are perfect for even the smallest grains of food, and prevent the majority of food from getting stuck.

Q. Can they be used to strain tea?
A. The mesh is fine enough to strain tea leaves if necessary without letting any leaves through. The smallest strainer is the best option for this task.

Q. How big are the strainers?
A. The respective diameters of each, from largest to smallest, are 7.75 inches, 5.5 inches, and 3.25 inches. Their depths are 4-4.5 inches, 3 inches, and 1.5 inches, respectively.

Q. Can I leave them in my pot while cooking?
A. The strainers are metal, so they won't be damaged by the heat or the water. However, they will likely become too hot to handle safely with your bare hands if left in a heated pot.

Q. Are they rust proof?
A. After several months of heavy use and constant exposure to water and air, they show no signs of rust or diminished quality.