Universal Replacement Filter for French Press - 34 oz / 1000 ml / 8 Cup Press (3 Pack) - Fits Most Coffee Presses

$11.97 $16.80

The Procizion universal replacement filter for french press fits most brands of 34 oz. / 8 Cup Press french press coffee makers. This set features 3 high quality mesh french press replacement filters. Made of 18/10 stainless steel and measuring 4” in diameter, our coffee press filters feature tightly folded edges and a fine mesh. These features insure there will be no grounds or loose tea in your favorite morning beverage! To maintain a great tasting coffee, tea, or espresso from your french press, it’s recommended that you replace your filters a few times each year. At such an affordable price, it’s easy to stock up on our replacement filters. 

Does your home have a tea lover and a coffee lover competing over one french press each morning? Our universal replacement filters for french press make it easy for each to enjoy their favorite morning pick me up. Easily designate one replacement filter for loose tea, the other for coffee. The mesh coffee screens are easy to switch out. No more coffee flavor mixing with your tea!

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*COMPATIBILITY: Our french press replacement screens are perfectly designed to fit most 34 oz coffee press designs from brands like: Bodum, SterlingPro, Grosche, Procizion, Primula, Francois, Bonjour, KONA,Frieling, Lisbon, Mr. Coffee and others
*QUALITY: Our easy-to-clean fine mesh coffee press replacement screen is made of heavy gauge stainless steel. This mesh is designed to easily filter out coffee grounds or loose tea, leaving you with a perfect cup of coffee or tea.
*ADVANCED FILTRATION: For the highest filtration, utilize 3 filters. They create a more snug fit between the edge of the screen & glass wall providing better filtering. Apply a third screen & enjoy “ground free” coffee, espresso or tea.
*FLEXIBILITY: Own only one french press coffee maker and enjoy tea as well? Utilize one replacement mesh screens for coffee and the other for loose tea. No more coffee flavor in your favorite cop of tea!

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