Spiral Slicer Vegetable Spiralizer Cutter to Create Zucchini Pasta, Noodles

$16.97 $28.60

Are You Ready to Add More Healthy and Delicious Vegetables to Your Diet? The Procizion Slicer is an innovative vegetable spiral slicer capable of making continuous spiral cut vegetables for vegetable pastas, salads, fancy garnishes, casseroles and noodle dishes.

To turn your boring vegetables into beautiful noodles, peel your vegetables (peeler included), insert vegetables into the slicer and twist it along the spiralizer's sharp edges to unfurl endless ribbons of food, perfect for adding excitement to a salad or a garden's ticker tape parade or the perfect healthy vegetable noodles or pastas.

The Procizion slicer works like a pencil sharpener, where the veggie is the pencil and the Procizion slicer the sharpener. The Procizion slicer can cut spirals in two thicknesses (2x3mm or 3.5x5mm) and vegetables like zucchinis, carrots, marrows and cucumbers work best, because of their shape and harder texture. With the Procizion Spiral Slicer you can add a unique professional restaurant-style touch to pastas, salads and vegetable stir-frys (stir-fries), or add a decorative garnish to any dish.

The Procizion slicer is made from durable plastic and stainless-steel which makes it dishwasher safe for convenient cleaning. Alternatively, you can simply clean with running water and the provided brush. Home cooks can expertly and effortlessly slice vegetables into curlicues with the help from the Procizion spiral slicer.

What's Included: Spiral Slicer, vegetable and fruit peeler and cleaning brush