Silicone Mitts 1 Pair in Red Ultra Flex and Soft for Oven Cooking Mittens

$16.97 $31.90
Have You Been Searching for the Perfect Pair of Heat, Oil, Steam and Odor Resistant, Waterproof Oven Mitts?

Look no further! You've found a set of two silicone kitchen oven mitts with cotton padded interior for extra comfort while protecting your hands. These silicone mitts are long enough to protect your arms and soft enough for easy movement. The non-skid, non-slip silicone on the outside protects your hands from heat while the cotton fabric on the inside keeps your hands comfortable. The raised grooves are ideal for gripping. The inner padding and flex of the silicone provide better movement and gripping power than most silicone mitts. Silicone is high heat resistant up to 480-Degree F.

These high quality silicone cotton padded kitchen oven mitts feature a handy cloth loop to hang; made for superior comfort, protection, control and easy storage. For a limited time, receive a silicone brush free of charge. Click Add to Cart and stop burning your hands in the kitchen today!

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